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Employment Application

  1. City of Lindsay Human Resources Department
    PO Box 708 312 South Main Street Lindsay, OK 73052 Phone: 405-756-2019 Fax: 405-756-8414


    In accordance with the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991, as amended, the Age Discrimination Employment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Lindsay prohibits discrimination in employment because of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability.

    The City of Lindsay is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/H/V)

  3. Please list below any job related licenses, certifications and/or skills:

  4. If none, type N/A

  5. If none, type N/A

  6. Start with your present or most recent job. Include military service. List your last five jobs or ten years of work experience. Explain any gaps in employment history. You must enter something in each field. If a field does not apply enter N/A. A resume does not substitute for this portion of the application.

  7. I understand that by filling out the City of Lindsay Employment Application I authorize the City of Lindsay to thoroughly investigate all statements contained in my application and resume, and I hereby state the information given by me is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statement or misrepresentation on this application is sufficient cause for refusal to hire or dismissal if I have been employed.

    I understand that the City of Lindsay conducts employment physical examinations and drug testing and all job offers are contingent upon results of such tests.

    I expressly request former employers and any persons who may have pertinent information concerning me to furnish such information to the City of Lindsay. I agree to hold such persons harmless, and I do hereby release them from any and all liability for damage of any nature whatsoever for furnishing such information.

    Although management makes every effort to accommodate individual preferences, business needs may at times make the following conditions mandatory: overtime, shift work, a rotating work schedule, or a work schedule other than Monday through Friday or a work schedule that consists of days longer or shorter than eight hours a day. I understand and accept these as conditiona of my continuing employment.

    I further understand that this is an application for employment and that no employment contract is being offered.

    I have read and understand the above.

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